Vinho ao Vivo 2023, European Terroir Festival

Festival Europeu do Terroir

European Terroir Festival
Lisbon, July 16th and 17th
By Os Goliardos
Meeting with 35 European winemakers, they will discover LIVE their ALIVE wines in an artisanal, natural and authentic approach.

Dear caretakers of the Dionysian imaginary,
Vinho ao Vivo is like the cycle of the vine: it has to regenerate itself every year, nourished by the fabric of relationships cultivated over years of stimulation and proximity with producers and wine lovers from various corners of Europe.
Like Magritte’s painting showing a pipe with a caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, Vinho ao Vivo is not a wine tasting! It is a symbiotic tasting of various small producers driven by a beautiful utopia of revealing what is invisible under the earth’s crust, the magical terroir. The comic strip author Moebius stated: “The artist is the one who opens the lock of appearances to enter the hidden reality of things and transcribe it in the form of painting, sculpture, poem, song, dance, music or drawing”. We could by analogy associate the vintner and the wine in this revelation. We enter the world of micro-organisms that allow life. As the microcosm escapes the naked eye, we tend to minimise its significance. It is time to approach the “wild heart of life”, as Clarice Lispector used to say, and get out of an approach that “makes of the unknown a simple quantitative exhaustion of the knowable” (Jankelevitch). In a time of obsessive classification, our dream is to open the imaginary to the natural abysses and let the consistent singularity emerge.
The gathering of a mosaic of producers constitutes a canvas. “The landscape is a work of the mind. Its décor is built as much from extracts of memory as layers of rock” according to Simon Schama.
It is the opportunity to combine the accumulated teachings in the heritage of slow time of observing the fruits of nature with the ancestral mineral elements that emphasise permanence rather than speed and remind us of the humble side that human beings should have in the face of the fragile processes of life.
In the framework of the architecture Triennale, we wanted to provide a suitable environment to mould artisanal bonds and fertilise the Dionysian drunkenness.


Campo de Santa Clara (Feira da Ladra, Lisbon)
The tasting will take place at the Architecture Triennale on Sunday 16th July and Monday 17th July.
It will be held at 2 times: from 11am to 1.30pm and from 4pm to 8.30pm.
Tickets for the 1-day meeting have a date but can be used on any day, the whole day (from 11am to 8:30 om)

Between 1pm and 4pm, there will be a packed lunch / picnic in the Palace Garden with several top goliath chefs, with a concert on each day.
The ticket for the festival includes the concert, not the food, which can be purchased on site.
During the lunch hour, you will have the possibility to buy bottles from producers not present at a special price to share.

SUNDAY 16/07 14h30 IN THE GARDEN OF THE PALACE: Opérade, Jazz band
Gonçalo Marques – trumpet
André Matos – guitar
João Carreiro – guitar
João Pereira – drums
Monday 17/07 2.30pm IN THE GARDEN OF THE PALACE: Jhon Douglas, from the Brazilian Amazon

Oysters from Neptun Pearl (Sun and Mon), from 1pm on
Ham from Feito no Zambujal (Sun and Mon), from 13h on
Galapito’s Tasco (Sun and Mon)
Santa Clara dos Cogumelos (Sun and Mon)
Ana Raminhos, desserts (Sun and Mon)
Comida Independente (Sun)
Tua Madre (Sun)
Tati (Mon)
Antiga Camponesa (Sun & Mon)
Flores da Pampa (Mon)

You can buy tickets for food and the entrance of the palace or at the garden.

Beato, Lisbon
From 9 pm to 10.30 pm there will be a dinner with wine lovers at Praça Hub
From 22.45 to 00.30 we’ll have a party-concert
The ticket includes the concert and authentic wine from the producers present.
The tickets for the dinner can only be bought until July 10th.

Chalo Correia quartet

MEETING OF WINEMAKERS, at Sinel de Cordes Palace, 16th and 17th July
1 day: 25 euros
2 days: 40 euros
DINNER-FEST, at Praça Hub, Beato, 16th July
Dinner-Wine Party 9pm:  60 euros
Wine-tasting Party 11pm: 30 euros
Combo Encontro de Vinhateiros 1 day and Dinner-Party: 75 euros
Total Pass: Wine Meetings 2 days and Dinner-party: 85 euros

We will have pre-sale discounts, to use without hesitation!
30% – Until 1st July
20% – Until July 7th
10%: – Until 12 July

You can buy at the entrance of the event or at BOL through the link
You can also buy tickets at Os Goliardos garage in Campolide, but only in person.
Attention: Sunday’s session sold out

Will it be possible to buy the wines that will be tasted?

Yes, we will have special prices during the week after the Vinho ao Vivo. You can make your order through the e-mail Free delivery in Lisbon city from 50 euros of order or 10 euros for less value. We ship to other locations. You can contact us for more information.


who have confirmed their presence:
A constantly updated list!

Viúva Gomes, Lisboa, Colares
Vale da Capucha, Lisboa, Torres Vedras
Las Vedras, Lisboa, Torres Vedras
COZs, Lisboa, Montejunto
Quinta do Olival da Murta
Safado, Lisboa, Óbidos
Encosta da Quinta, Lisboa, Caldas da Raínha
Quinta da Serradinha, Lisboa, Leiria
Monte da Casteleja, Algarve
Dominó, Alentejo/Carcavelos
António Madeira, Dão
João Tavares de Pina, Dão
Beiorte, Dão
Salta-Muros. Beira Interior Premiere!
Quinta da Palmirinha, Vinho Verde
Aphros, Vinho Verde
Tiago Teles, Vinho Verde | Bairrada
Vila Rachel, Douro
Mateus Nicolau de Almeida, Douro
Quinta do Romeu, Douro, Mirandela
Xesteiriña, Galiza, Rias Baixas
Pablo Soldavini, Galicia, Ribeira Sacra
Envinate, Galicia-Canarias
Faye d’Homme, Muscadet (Loire) Premiere!
Agapé, Alsace Premier!
Eric Texier, Rhône
Bera, Piemonte, Asti
Fonterenza, Toscana, Montalcino
Cligliano di Sopra, Toscana Premiere!
Marchionni, Toscana Premiere!
Cantina Giardino, Campania
Heinrich, Burgenland
Immich Batterieberg, Mosel
Clemens-Busch, Mosel Premiere!

No animals are allowed inside the Palace (sorry!)
The palace rooms are not wheelchair accessible, except with assistance.

Contact details:
+351 21 346 2156 | +351 91 020 0807
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