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Marc Ollivier

Marc Ollivier is a producer who cultivates the Muscadet in the westernmost part of the Loire, the Muscadet, 20 ha of vines of the Melon de Bourgogne variety (white) and Cabermet-Franc and Côt (or Malbec) for reds. The wines come from granitic or gneiss soils and the climate is Atlantic, fresh, humid and temperate, similar to that of Minho. The region is often associated with poorly maintained, industrially worked wines, and Marc Ollivier contrasts with his options: natural viticulture in his vineyards aged between 40 and 80 years exposed towards the River Sèvre, vinification with indigenous yeasts, light interventions. It makes wines that can be drunk in youth, but also at a very old age, with a sharp, straight and salivating profile.

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