Maison Arretxea

Iban et Teo

It is in the Basque Country, between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic, that the Riouspeyrous family in Domaine Arretxea was a pioneer in resurrecting the micro vineyard of Irouleguy with the typical Basque force, setting the example from a natural viticulture in an area difficult to cultivate due to ocean humidity and with demanding grape varieties such as Tannat, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon in red, Petit et Gros manseng in white. After the duo Thérèse and Michel, today it is the two brothers Iban and Teo who maintain the family impulse by introducing some innovations such as the grafting of rootstock in rootstocks, some carving tests in red wine called Folia, perpetuating the Hexoguri white and two reds Tradition and Haitza with the possibility of tasting wines with some age in a region where patience is rewarded.

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