Monts et Merveilles

Laure Boussu et Julien Audard

In the upper part of Minervois, on a ventilated plateau at the beginning of Montagne noire, in this farm where Laure Boussu and Julien Audard began their adventure in 2012, in hills that bring wonders. They settled in these lands that join the Cassagnoles schists at an altitude of 450 m and the last limestones of the Minervois at Camplong in an isolated amphitheater at 280 m before climbing the “causse” (dry schist hill), in the area of ​​St Julien des Meulières, where the couple has a small artisanal winery. Laure worked as a “caviste” for years in London where she met Julien who worked as a sommelier. They then spent some time in Geneva and were finally called by the countryside and the vineyards. They found a wild land with cool microclimates, of great diversity and hospitality, where the calm and observant character can express itself in complete freedom. In an area of ​​only 4 ha, they live on different cultures so as not to ask the vine for more than it can annually give, cultivating diversity, namely beer, vegetables and fruits of ancient varieties, two ecological houses where they receive guests. Adepts of biodynamics, they work on soft soils, use complementary treatments based on whey from a neighbor friend, sheep herder, clay to reduce humidity and essential oils. They cultivate Syrah at altitude, old Carignan, Caladoc, in red, Clairette and Grenache gris in white, with strains in pots. Previous experience in the world of wine does the rest: unique terroir, refined palate, research of character and finesse in the wines gave us the sensation of revealing a small nugget of gold.

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